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This wiki has been created in order to familiarise new and old players with the general knowledge they would have as a character playing within the faction. All the information here can be taken as gossip, rumours or hearsay from the many peoples of Mauritanja this does mean that like all gossip and rumours it is subject to change. However, this wiki can offer a good foundation of knowledge about Mauritanja and its people that can be expanded upon IC (in-character) through roleplay with other players and NPCs.

If you have any questions, or would like further details on a subject that you have read, you can find the faction on Facebook. You can also email the Plot NPC (Currently Alexander Connolly) on Unicorn.Plot@Googlemail.com


History of the Heartlands

History of Mauritanja

Map of Mauritanja

Unicorn Faction Structure

Notable Unicorns

Unicorn Groups


Recent History

Laws of the Unicorn Nation

Races of Mauritanja

Costume Corner

Latest activity

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